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Retina and Macula Symptoms, Disorders and Treatments in Naples, Florida

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If you are searching for a doctor to treat your retina, macula or other types of eye conditions you may have fears and concerns. For instance you may realize that not all eye doctors are the same.

Hi, my name is Dr Patel. I would like to help explain some of these differences and how they affect you. One example is the advice two different eye doctors may give you on the same condition. For instance recently I was approached by a patient who had been told her eye condition was untreatable and she would just have to live with it (despite other treatment options that were available). This should have shocked me, but it didn't. I have seen this same situation several times in the past.  There are many good doctors out there who will give good advice based on what is best for you, the patient. On rare occasion however, treatment options may be withheld, when a physician for any one of a variety or reasons including the possibility that the physician may be overly concerned about risks to himself vs. benefits to the patient. In such cases, the physician may never mention surgery as an option and just tell the patient they must "live with it".  So he never even mentioned surgery as an option and just told her she would have to "live with it". Fortunately for her, as an attorney she had come to realize not all doctors were the same and so she came to me. I explained the benefits and risks to her, she allowed me to perform the surgery and she is thrilled to have better eyesight. She thanked me for changing her life.

I care about my patients, as well as those in my community. If what I have written opens your eyes and helps you seek a second opinion, whether from me or from another good doctor then that's all that matters. My goal is to save eyesight, one eye at a time.

My promise...

I will always give you what I feel is the best advice for you and that advice will be based on your quality of life. I will also take the time to explain to you about your condition, the treatment options and make sure to answer each and every question you have. And if the treatment you need is not within my range of expertise, I will seek out qualified eye doctors who specialize in your condition. At our office, we have access to multiple visual aids for learning and understanding the eye condition that you are coming to grips with, as well as the latest tools to help you see better. Our staff is well trained to handle your emergency needs. In other words, I will treat you exactly as I would a member of my own family or best friend. I will also be that friendly doctor who helps you feel safe and comfortable.

If I can help you or a member of your family please call and set up an appointment to meet with me in person.

Thank You!

Dr Saurabh Patel

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