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Retinal Birefringence Scanner symptoms and treatment in Fort Myers

Retinal Birefringence Scanner

Retinal Birefringence Scanner in Ft Myers Florida
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Retinal Birefringence Scanner treatment in Fort Myers, Florida

Retinal Birefringence Scanner near Fort Myers

Every year, 150,000 kids are silently going blind in one eye, but we have the solution. REBIScan, LLC is a Cambridge, MA based company that will bring to market its handheld vision device as a means to eradicate the most common cause of preventable vision loss in children. The device, originally developed at both Children’s Hospital Boston and Johns Hopkins University, is used to detect the serious eye conditions of amblyopia, strabismus and anisometropia in children. This patented technology will introduce the start of personalized care into the field of amblyopia, and present pediatricians with the disease’s most disruptive technology available.

Amblyopia (“lazy eye”) is the leading cause of preventable vision loss in children, affecting approximately 5% of the world’s population. When a child has misaligned eyes (strabismus), that child's brain is forced to process conflicting information received from each eye. As a result, the brain attends to the stronger eye and suppresses the weaker one, eventually blinding the weaker eye. Without treatment, vision loss becomes permanent, but early detection and treatment is curative. Clinical studies at Children’s Hospital Boston have proven the patented vision scanner 98% accurate, beginning at the age of 2.

Dr Patel was the co-inventor of the first prototype of the pediatric vision screener developed in 1994 (Patent #6,027,216).   He now serves on the scientific advisory board of REBIScan.

Retinal Birefringence Scanner treatment in Fort Myers, Florida

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Retinal Birefringence Scanner symptoms and treatment in Fort Myers


Retinal Birefringence Scanner in Ft Myers Florida
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