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Retinal Trauma symptoms and treatment in Fort Myers

Retinal Trauma

Retinal Trauma in Ft Myers Florida
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Retinal Trauma treatment in Fort Myers, Florida

Retinal Trauma near Fort Myers

A Retinal Trauma is categorized as either a blunt force or penetrating injury.  Usually the front of the eye is also injured.  On rare occasions of blunt force trauma, the retina may be the only part of the eye damaged.  When the retina is damaged by trauma, it usually means some degree of vision loss.


Causes of Retinal trauma are limitless.  Some of the repeated injuries we have seen in our office include:

Nail from a nail gun

Hit by tennis, soccer, golf, or baseballs

Shot with a paint ball

Motor vehicle accidents

Assault and battery

Metal shards penetrate the eye.

Some of the unusual injuries include:

Hit in the eye by a spoon lying on a cutting board while vigorously chopping vegetables and hit the spoon by mistake.

Falling against the edge of a boat when the boat hit a sandbar.

A large breed puppy jumping up and hitting the eye with his forehead.


If you have any change in vision after an injury to the eye, the retina is suspect and needs to be examined.


Retina injuries have to be diagnosed by a dilated eye examination by a Retina surgeon.  Photographs, scans, ultrasounds and visual field tests may aid in complete diagnosis.


Traumatic injuries to the retina require close monitoring, and sometimes surgery.


Safety glasses and goggles will prevent most work and sports related injuries.  Driving safely and healthy living habits will prevent many others.  It is not possible to prevent unforeseen circumstances that may cause injury to your retina.

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Retinal Trauma symptoms and treatment in Fort Myers


Retinal Trauma in Ft Myers Florida
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