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Retinal Toxoplasmosis symptoms and treatment in Fort Myers

Retinal Toxoplasmosis

Retinal Toxoplasmosis in Ft Myers Florida
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Retinal Toxoplasmosis treatment in Fort Myers, Florida

Retinal Toxoplasmosis near Fort Myers

Retinal toxoplasmosis are scars or lesions on the retina related to a parasite.


The parasite toxoplasma gondii is the cause of retinal toxoplasmosis.  Anyone can become infected with toxoplasmosis since it is found world wide.  Increased risks include contaminated food or water, unwashed and undercooked food, and contact with cat feces


You may not notice many symptoms in your vision, unless the lesion or scar is located near your macula in the center of your retina.  When it is in the center of your vision, you may notice a marked decrease in your central vision.  You probably will not notice symptoms of exposure to toxoplasmosis as they are often mild, or mistaken for a cold or flu.


Diagnosis is made using a combination of examinations and tests at your retina doctor’s office, lab tests to check your exposure to the parasite, and ruling out other possible causes of the retinal scar or lesion.


In some cases of old exposure, with a toxoplasmosis scar that is not threatening your vision, no treatment is necessary.  In more recent exposure or active cases, or when the scar is impairing your vision, you will be treated with antibiotics appropriate for the infection.


Taking precautions to cook food thoroughly and wash your hands frequently in the kitchen will help prevent toxoplasmosis infection.  Also taking precaution in cleaning cat litter boxes or handling outdoor cats will decrease your risk.

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Retinal Toxoplasmosis symptoms and treatment in Fort Myers


Retinal Toxoplasmosis in Ft Myers Florida
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